Tianqi Chen

Tianqi Chen, faculty in Machine Learning and Computer Science Departtments

Assistant Professor

Email tqchen@cmu.edu

Machine Learning Department
Computer Science Department

Research Interests
Machine Learning

Bohan Hou
Hongyi Jin
Ruihang Lai

CSD Courses Taught

15642 - Spring, 2024

15442 - Spring, 2024

Research/Teaching Statement

I am interested in the intersection of machine learning and systems. The real excitement of this area comes from what can enable when we bring advanced learning techniques and system together. On that end, I am also pushing the direction on deep learning, knowledge transfer and lifelong learning. 

I am a believer of open source and open science. My research involves publishing algorithms in openly accessible mediums and building open-source machine learning systems that are widely adopted. Here are the ML systems that I created:

  • Apache TVM, an Automated End-to-End Optimizing Compiler for Deep Learning.
  • XGBoost, a scalable tree boosting system. 
  • Apache MXNet(co-creator)