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Carnegie Mellon University has a strong and diverse group in Algorithms and Complexity Theory.

The goals of the group are, broadly speaking, to provide a mathematical understanding of fundamental issues in Computer Science, and to use this understanding to produce better algorithms, protocols, and systems, as well as identify the inherent limitations of efficient computation. Research interests include data structures, algorithm design, complexity theory, coding theory, parallel algorithms and languages, machine learning theory, cryptography and security, computational aspects of economics, online algorithms, and scientific computing.

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CSD Team Wins Prize for Best Student-Written Paper

Friday, November 4, 2022
A Computer Science Department team received the George Nicholson Prize in Operations Research, which recognizes the best student-written paper at the 2022 Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences (INFORMS) annual meeting. Ziv Scully

Faculty Working in this Area

Last First Professional Title Available To Advise?
Acar Umut Associate Professor
Balcan Maria Cadence Design Systems Professor
Beckmann Nathan Associate Professor
Blelloch Guy Professor
Blum Manuel University Professor Emeritus
Gupta Anupam Adjunct Faculty
Harchol-Balter Mor Dr. Bruce J. Nelson Professor of Computer Science
Jain Aayush Assistant Professor
Kolter Zico Associate Professor; Department Head, Machine Learning Department
Kothari Pravesh Adjunct Faculty
Miller Gary Professor Emeritus
O'Donnell Ryan Professor
Peng Richard Associate Professor
Rudich Steven Professor
Sandholm Tuomas Angel Jordan University Professor of Computer Science
Schwartz Russell Professor, Affiliated Faculty
Shah Nihar Associate Professor
Shi Elaine Associate Professor
Sleator Daniel Professor
Vinayak Rashmi Korlakai Associate Professor
Wang Weina Associate Professor
Woodruff David Professor
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