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Bachelor's Admissions

Carnegie Mellon’s undergraduate admissions process values selecting students who will add depth and breadth to our community — we’re not looking for "perfect" students, but students we think are a good fit and who will succeed at CMU.


Over 8,500 students applied for undergraduate admission to the School of Computer Science (SCS) for entry Fall 2018 and 435 were accepted with a final class size around 212.

Students who accepted our offer of admission were given the choice of three majors:

Artificial Intelligence Computational Biology Computer Science

The first year is very similar for all three majors and you select your specific major during your second semester. If you're thinking about obtaining a B.S. in Computer Science, visit the university's Office of Undergraduate Admission for detailed information about the application and undergraduate admissions process.

Current Carnegie Mellon Students

Please refer to the information provided in the CS guidline pages: 

All students who enter SCS can select Computer Science without restriction. Acceptance into Computational Biology and Artificial Intelligence is strictly limited.