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Name Title Office
Computer Science Department Faculty - Umut Acar Acar, Umut Associate Professor 9101 Gates and Hillman Centers
(412) 268-6791
Computer Science Department Faculty - Anil Ada Ada, Anil Associate Teaching Professor 6215 Gates and Hillman Centers
(412) 268-3835
Computer Science Department Affiliated Faculty - Leman Akoglu Akoglu, Leman Associate Professor, Affiliated Faculty 2118C Hamburg Hall
(412) 268-3043
Jonathan Aldrich Aldrich, Jonathan Professor, Affiliated Faculty 422 TCS Hall
(412) 268-7278
Georgios Amvrosiadis Amvrosiadis, George Associate Research Professor, Affiliated Faculty 2311 Mehrabian Collaborative Innovation Center
David G. Andersen Andersen, David Professor 9109 Gates and Hillman Centers
(412) 268-3064
Daniel Anderson Anderson, Daniel Assistant Teaching Professor 4124 Gates and Hillman Centers
Nina Balcan Balcan, Maria Cadence Design Systems Professor 8205 Gates and Hillman Centers
(412) 268-5295
Stephanie Balzer Balzer, Stephanie Assistant Professor 7125 Gates and Hillman Centers
Nathan Beckmann Beckmann, Nathan Associate Professor 9021 Gates and Hillman Centers
(412) 268-7412
Portrait Placeholder via Wikimedia Commons Berger, Daniel Adjunct Scientist
Guy Blelloch Blelloch, Guy Professor 9211 Gates and Hillman Centers
(412) 268-6245
Manuel Blum Blum, Manuel University Professor Emeritus 5013 Gates and Hillman Centers
(412) 268-3742
Christopher Bogart Bogart, Christopher Systems Scientist 7119 Gates and Hillman Centers
(412) 268-8059
Stephen Brookes Brookes, Stephen Faculty Emeritus - Contingent
(412) 268-8820
David Brumley Brumley, David Professor of ECE, Affiliated Faculty 2202 Mehrabian Collaborative Innovation Center
(412) 268-3851
Randal Bryant Bryant, Randal Faculty Emeritus
(412) 268-8821
Jacobo Carrasquel Carrasquel, Jacobo Associate Teaching Professor Emeritus 7007 Gates and Hillman Centers
(412) 268-6729
Iliano Cervesato Cervesato, Iliano Teaching Professor 6007 Gates and Hillman Centers
Tianqi Chen, faculty in Machine Learning and Computer Science Departtments Chen, Tianqi Assistant Professor Gates and Hillman Centers
Panos Chrysanthis Chrysanthis, Panos Adjunct Faculty
Vincent Conitzer Conitzer, Vincent Professor 7113 Gates and Hillman Centers
Thomas Cortina Cortina, Thomas Teaching Professor, Associate Dean for Undergraduate Programs 4117 Gates and Hillman Centers
(412) 268-3514
Keenan Crane Crane, Keenan Associate Professor 215 Smith Hall
(412) 268-1120
Portrait Placeholder via Wikimedia Commons Crary, Karl Associate Professor, Director of Doctoral Programs 9217 Gates and Hillman Centers
(412) 268-7687
Roger Dannenberg Dannenberg, Roger Professor Emeritus
Portrait Placeholder via Wikimedia Commons DeYoung, Henry Affiliated Special Faculty
Gianni Di Caro Di Caro, Gianni Teaching Professor (Qatar)
Chris Donahue Donahue, Chris Assistant Professor 7127 Gates and Hillman Centers
(412) 268-1969
Dave Eckhardt Eckhardt, Dave Teaching Professor 4001 Gates and Hillman Centers
(412) 268-6720
Michael Erdmann Erdmann, Michael Professor, Computer Science and Robotics 9203 Gates and Hillman Centers
(412) 268-7883
Christos Faloutsos Faloutsos, Christos Fredkin University Professor of Computer Science 7003 Gates and Hillman Centers
(412) 268-1457
Giulia Fanti Fanti, Giulia Associate Professor, Affiliated Faculty 2118 Mehrabian Collaborative Innovation Center
(412) 268-4254
Matt Fredrikson Fredrikson, Matt Associate Professor 2126 Mehrabian Collaborative Innovation Center
Alan Frieze Frieze, Alan University Professor, Affiliated Faculty 6204 Wean Hall
(412) 268-8476
Greg Ganger Ganger, Gregory Professor, Affiliated Faculty 2208 Mehrabian Collaborative Innovation Center
(412) 268-1297
David Garlan Garlan, David Professor 420 TCS Hall
(412) 268-5056
Phil Gibbons Gibbons, Phillip Professor 7221 Gates and Hillman Centers
(412) 268-6354
Garth Gibson Gibson, Garth Consulting Professor
Virgil Gligor Gligor, Virgil Professor, Affiliated Faculty 2123 Mehrabian Collaborative Innovation Center
(412) 268-9833
Seth Goldstein Goldstein, Seth Associate Professor 7111 Gates and Hillman Centers
(412) 268-3828
Vipul Goyal Goyal, Vipul Adjunct Faculty
Anupam Gupta Gupta, Anupam Adjunct Faculty
Venkat Guruswami Guruswami, Venkatesan Adjunct Faculty
Mohammad Hammoud Hammoud, Mohammad Associate Teaching Professor of Computer Science (Qatar)
Mor Harchol-Balter Harchol-Balter, Mor Dr. Bruce J. Nelson Professor of Computer Science 7207 Gates and Hillman Centers
(412) 268-7893
Robert Harper Harper, Robert Professor 9207 Gates and Hillman Centers
(412) 268-3675
Khaled Harras Harras, Khaled Senior Associate Dean for Faculty/Teaching Professor (Qatar)
Marijn Heule Heule, Marijn Associate Professor 9107 Gates and Hillman Centers
Jessica Hodgins Hodgins, Jessica Allen Newell University Professor of Computer Science And Robotics 4207 Newell-Simon Hall