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Undergraduate Resources

This page is intended to provide a reasonably comprehensive source of information for students pursuing a bachelor's degree in the Computer Science Department.

Name Title Phone Website
Tom Cortina Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education 412-268-3514 www
Veronica Peet Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Experience 412-268-3750
Mark Stehlik Computer Science Undergraduate Program Director &
Asstistant Dean for Outreach

Amy Weis Undergraduate Program Administrator

Sara Golembiewski Undergraduate Program &
Academic Events Coordinator

Charlie Garrod Teaching Assistant (TA) Coordinator
Elizabeth Vaughan Director of Student Activities &
SCS College Liaison
412-268-8704 www
Name Advising Years Website
Veronica Peet First-Year Advisor www
Charlie Garrod Class of 2024 & 2025 www
Michael Hilton Class of 2024 & 2026 www
Dilsun Kaynar Class of 2024 www
Mark Stehlik Class of 2025 www
Tom Cortina Class of 2026 www
Kelly Rivers Class of 2026 www