SCS Ph.D. Graduation 2019

Doctoral Degrees Conferred

Academic Year: 2024-2025
Name Thesis Advisor(s) Thesis Title
Praneeth Kacham David P. Woodruff On Efficient Sketching Algorithms
David Kahn Jan Hoffmann Liveraging Linearity to Improve Automatic Amortized Resource Analysis
Academic Year: 2023-2024
Name Thesis Advisor(s) Thesis Title
Daniel Anderson Guy E. Blelloch Parallel Batch-Dynamic Algorithms Dynamic Trees, Graphs, and Self-Adjusting Computation
Jay Bosamiya Bryan Parno A Principled Approach towards Unapologetic Security
Matthew Butrovich Andrew Pavlo On Embedding Database Management System Logic in Operating Systems via Restricted Programming Environments
Bailey Flanigan Ariel Procaccia Expanding our Participatory Democracy Toolkit using Algorithms, Social Choice, and Social Science
Mark Gillespie Keenan Crane Evolving Intrinsic Triangulations
Isaac Grosof Mor Harchol-Balter Optimal Scheduling in Multiserver Queues
Yue (Sophie) Guo Katia Sycara Enhancing Policy Transfer in Action Advising for Reinforcement Learning
Quang Minh Hoang Carl Kingsford Practical Methods for Automated Algorithm Design in Machine Learning and Computational Biology
Steven Jecmen Nihar B. Shah, Fei Fang Making Peer Review Robust to Undesirable Behavior
Byungsoo Jeon Tianqi Chen, Zhihao Jia Automated and Portable Machine Learning Systems
Pallavi Koppol Reid Simmons, Henny Admoni Interactive Machine Learning from Humans: Knowledge Sharing via Mutual Feedback
Katherine Kosaian André Platzer Formally Verifying Algorithms for Real Quantifier Elimination
Abhiram Kothapalli Bryan Parno A Theory of Composition for Proofs of Knowledge
Tian Li Virginia Smith Scalable and Trustworthy Learning in Heterogeneous Networks
Chun Kai Ling J. Zico Kolter Scalable Learning and Solving of Extensive-Form Games
Francisco Maturana Rashmi Vinayak Designing storage codes for heterogeneity: theory and practice
Kevin Pratt Ryan O'Donnell Hypergraph Rank and Expansion
Klaas Pruiksma Frank Pfenning Adjoint Logic with Applications
Jielin Qiu Christos Faloutsos, Lei Li On the Alignment, Robustness, and Generalizability of Multimodal Learning
Rohan Sawhney Keenan Crane Monte Carlo Geometry Processing: A Grid-Free Approach to Solving Partial Differential Equations on Volumetric Domains
Siva Kamesh Somayyajula Frank Pfenning Total Correctness Type Refinements for Communicating Processes
Yuanhao Wei Guy E. Blelloch General Techniques for Efficient Concurrent Data Structures
Jalani K. Williams Weina Wang Setup Times in Multiserver Systems
Ke Wu Elaine Shi What Can Cryptography Do For Transaction Fee Mechanism Design
Taisuke Yasuda David P. Woodruff Algorithms for Matrix Approximation: Sketching, Sampling, and Sparse Optimization
Han Zhang Yuvraj Agarwal, Matt Fredrikson Secure and Practical Splitting of IoT Device Functionalities
Hanrui Zhang Vincent Conitzer Designing and Analyzing Machine Learning Algorithms in the Presence of Strategic Behavior
Giulio Zhou David G. Andersen Building reliable and transparent machine learning systems using structured intermediate representations
Academic Year: 2022-2023
Name Thesis Advisor(s) Thesis Title
Ainesh Bakshi Pravesh K. Kothari, David P. Woodruff Algorithms for Learning Latent Models: Establishing Tractability to Approaching Optimality
Benjamin Berg Mor Harchol-Balter A Principled Approach to Parallel Job Scheduling
Emily Black Matt Fredrikson (Un)Fairness Along the AI Pipeline: Problems and Solutions
Andrew Chung Gregory R. Ganger Realizing value in shared compute infrastructures
Chen Dan Pradeep Ravikumar Statistical Learning Under Adversarial Distribution Shift
Priya L. Donti J. Zico Kolter, Inês Azevedo Bridging Deep Learning and Electric Power Systems
Gabriele Farina Tuomas Sandholm Game-Theoretic Decision Making in Imperfect-Information Games: Learning Dynamics, Equilibrium Computation, and Complexity
Pratik Pramod Fegade Todd C. Mowry, Phillip B. Gibbons, Tinaqi Chen Auto-batching Techniques for Dynamic Deep Learning Computations
Shilpa Anna George Mahadev Satyanarayanan (Satya) Low-Bandwidth Remote Sensing of Rare Events
Graham Gobieski Nathan Beckmann, Brandon Lucia Programmable, Energy-minimal Computer Architectures
Paul Gölz Ariel Procaccia Social Choice for Social Good: Proposals for Democratic Innovation from Computer Science
D Ellis Hershkowitz Bernhard Haeupler, R. Ravi Compact Representations of Graphs and Their Metrics
Roger Iyengar Mahadev Satyanarayanan (Satya) Scaling Up Wearable Cognitive Assistance for Assembly Tasks
Ellango Jothimurugesan Phillip B. Gibbons Large-Scale Machine Learning over Streaming Data
Thomas Kim David G. Andersen Design principles for replicated storage systems built on emerging storage technologies
Soonho Kong Edmund M. Clarke, Randal E. Bryant An Efficient Delta-decision Procedure
Jack Kosaian Rashmi Vinayak Practical Coding-Theoretic Tools for Machine Learning Systems and by Machine Learning Systems
Michael Roman Kuchnik George Amvrosiadis Beyond Model Efficiency: Data Optimizations for Machine Learning Systems
Roie Levin Anupam Gupta Submodular Optimization Under Uncertainty
Guarav Manek J. Zico Kolter Stable Models and Temporal Difference Learning
Sai Sandeep Reddy Pallerla Venkatesan Guruswami New Directions in Inapproximability: Promise Constraint Satisfaction Problems and Beyond
Pedro Paredes Ryan O'Donnell On the Expansion of Graphs
Devdeep Ray Srinivasan Seshan Integrating Video Codec Design and Network Transport for Emerging Internet Video Streaming Application
Leslie Rice J. Zico Kolter Methods for robust training and evaluation of deep neural networks
Michael Rudow Rashmi Vinayak Efficient loss recovery for videoconferencing via streaming codes and machine learning
Ziv Scully Mor Harchol-Balter, Guy E. Blelloch A New Toolbox for Scheduling Theory
Yifan Song Vipul Goyal Communication Complexity of Information-Theoretic Multiparty Computation
Yong Kiam Tan André Platzer Deductive Verification for Ordinary Differential Equations: Safety, Liveness, and Stability
Alex L. Wang Fatma Kilinc-Karzan On Quadratically Constrained Quadratic Programs and their Semidefinite Program Relaxations
Ziqi Wang Todd C. Mowry, Dimitrios Skarlatos Building a More Efficient Cache Hierarchy by Taking Advantage of Related Instances of Objects
Kevin G. A. Waugh J. Andrew Bagnell Strategic Behavior Prediction
Sam Westrick Umut Acar Efficient and Scalable Parallel Functional Programming Through Disentanglement
Academic Year: 2021-2022
Name Thesis Advisor(s) Thesis Title
Sol Boucher David G. Andersen Lightweight Preemptible Functions
Daming Dominic Chen Phillip B. Gibbons Mitigating Memory-Safety Bugs with Efficient Out-of-Process Integrity Checking
Timothy Chu Gary L. Miller Machine Learning: Metrics and Embeddings
Ziqiang Feng Mahadev Satyanarayanan Human-efficient Discovery of Edge-based Training Data for Visual Machine Learning
Rajesh Jayaram David Woodruff Sketching and Sampling Algorithms for High-Dimensional Data
Anson Kahng Ariel Procaccia Computational Perspectives on Democracy
Ryan Kavanagh Stephen Brookes, Frank Pfenning Communication-Based Semantics for Recursive Session-Typed Processes
Klas Leino Matt Fredrikson Identifying, Analyzing, and Addressing Weaknesses in Deep Networks: Foundations for Conceptually Sound Neural Networks
Daehyeok Kim Srinivasan Seshan, Vyas Sekar Towards Elastic and Resilient In-Network Computing
Jason Li Anupam Gupta, Bernhard Haeupler Preconditioning and Locality in Algorithm Design
Lin Ma Andrew Pavlo Self-Driving Database Management Systems: Forecasting, Modeling, and Planning
Ravi Teja Mullapudi Kayvon Fatahalian, Deva Ramanan Dynamic Model Specialization for Efficient Inference, Training and Supervision
Vaishnavh Nagarajan J. Zico Kolter Explaining generalization in deep learning: progress and fundamental limits