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Incoming Student Course Transfer

Incoming First Year students can transfer courses to Carnegie Mellon that you have taken at another college or university. In general, CMU gives you credit as long as your final grade in the courses you are transferring is either an "A" or a "B".

What You Need To Do

You need to submit the following two documents for each course you plan to transfer. It doesn't matter if you have already sent these to the Admissions Office (or any other office) at CMU. You must send both documents (or copies) to the First Year Advisor, Veronica Peet.

The two documents are:

  • An official transcript (showing your final grade)

  • A printed detailed syllabus for the course (including an outline, textbook, evaluation information, etc.)

Unless you already have the official transcript from the college or university where you took the course, you will need to request them to send a transcript.

Ask that it be sent to:

Veronica Peet, First Year Advisor
School of Computer Science, Gates 4113
Carnegie Mellon University
5000 Forbes Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15213

For the syllabus, you will need to print it and then submit it. Most colleges have a web site where you can download this information. Do not send the URL; you must print the syllabus yourself and then submit it for review.

You can send the syllabus (and the transcript) by:

  • FAX at 412-268-5573, Attention: Veronica Peet
  • or Create a pdf file and then email it to

How the process works

Once we have received both documents (transcript and syllabus) for each course you plan to transfer, we will review them promptly. If we have any questions or if the materials are insufficient, we will contact you. Then the Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Education will review your materials and decide whether or not to grant transfer credit. Finally, we will send you email with the final decision.

Concerning High School Courses

Carnegie Mellon does not accept high school courses, no matter how rigorous they are. Only courses taken at a college or university can be transferred for credit.

Some American high schools have programs in association with an American college or university in which students are allowed to take college level courses while in high school. In those instances, the courses may be transferable if you get an official college or university transcript. If this is the case, you need to send us the syllabus and transcript as explained above. If you took college courses in high school which didn't result in a final grade from a college or university, then those courses cannot be transferred. Honor courses or advanced courses offered in high school cannot be transferred as college courses.

How Transfer Credit Is Awarded

There are no grades recorded for transfer credit, so they are not used for computing your grade point average or class rank. Remember that only courses with final grades of "A" or "B" are considered for transfer credit subject to approval. The corresponding credits or units will be recorded and used to satisfy your course requirements as applicable, and they do count toward the total number of units needed for graduation.


Contact the First Year Advisor, Veronica Peet.