CSD Course List

Course profiles are provided based on information developed by, and guidance from, individual course instructors.

Additional courses will be added to this list as we complete the data gathering necessary to cover the full course offerings in the Computer Science Department.

We appreciate your patience as we continue to develop this resource. 

15-000  Title Offered (Last Offered)
15-050 Study Abroad F18
15-051 Discrete Math Primer M17
15-075 Computer Science Co-Op F18
15-090 Computer Science Practicum F18, S18 (F17)
15-100 Title Offered (Last Offered)
15-104 Introduction to Computing for Creative Practice F17
15-110 Principles of Computing F17
15-112 Fundamentals of Programming and Computer Science S18 (F17, S17)
15-121 Introduction to Data Structures S18 (F17, F14)
15-122 Principles of Imperative Computation S18 (F17)
15-128 Freshman Immigration Course F17 (F16)
15-131 Great Practical Ideas for Computer Scientists F17
15-150 Principles of Functional Programming S18 (F17)
15-151 Mathematical Foundations for Computer Science F17
15-200 Title Offered (Last Offered)
15-210 Parallel and Sequential Data Structures and Algorithms S18 (F17)
15-213 Introduction to Computer Systems S18 (F17)
Principles of Software Construction: Objects, Design, and Concurrency S18 - transition to
17-214 (F17)
15-239 Special Topic: Software Development for Social Good (last offered S14)
15-251 Great Theoretical Ideas in Computer Science S18 (F17)
15-252 More Great Ideas in Theoretical Computer Science S18 (F17)
15-294 Special Topic: Rapid Prototyping Technologies S18 (F17, S17)
15-295 Competition Programming and Problem Solving S18 (F17)
15-300 Title Offered (Last Offered)
15-300 Research and Innovation in Computer Science F17
15-312 Foundations of Programming Languages S18
Foundations of Software Engineering F17 - F18 transition to
17-313 (F16)
15-317 Constructive Logic F17
15-319 Cloud Computing S18 (F17)
15-322 Introduction to Computer Music F17
15-348 Embedded Systems F17
15-351 Algorithms and Advanced Data Structures F17
15-354 Computational Discrete Mathematics F17
15-381 Artificial Intelligence: Representation and Problem Solving F17
15-394 Intermediate Rapid Prototyping S18 (F17)
15-400 Title Offered (Last Offered)
15-410 Operating System Design and Implementation S18 (F17)
15-411 Compiler Design F17
15-412 Operating System Practicum F17
15-414 Bug Catching: Automated Program Verification and Testing F18, F17 
15-415 Database Applications F18
15-418 Parallel Computer Architecture and Programming F17
Information Security and Privacy F17 - S18 transition to
Web Application Development F17 - S18 transition to
15-440 Distributed Systems S18 (F17)
15-441 Computer Networks F17
15-445 Database Systems F17
15-451 Algorithm Design and Analysis F17
15-453 Formal Languages, Automata, and Computability F17
15-456 Computational Geometry F17
15-458 Discrete Differential Geometry F17
15-462 Computer Graphics F17
15-463 Computational Photography F17
15-487 Introduction to Computer & Network Security & Applied Cryptography F17
15-500 Title Offered (Last Offered)
15-513 Introduction to Computer Systems F17
15-539 Computer Science Pedagogy F17
15-591-594 Independent Study in Computer Science F17
15-599 SCS Honors Undergraduate Research Thesis F17
15-600 Title Offered (Last Offered)
15-604 MSCS Immigration Course: For first-semester students only. Fall Semesters
15-618 Parallel Computer Architecture and Programming  F17
15-619 Cloud Computing F17
15-622 Introduction to Computer Music F17
15-640 Distributed Systems F17
15-645 Database Systems F17
15-650 Algorithms and Advanced Data Structures F17
15-651 Algorithm Design and Analysis F17
15-661 Interaction and Expression using the Pausch Bridge Lighting S18 (S17)
15-700 Title Offered (Last Offered)
15-800 Title Offered (Last Offered)
15-900 Title Offered (Last Offered)