15-090 Computer Science Practicum


Course Level: UndergraduateUnits: 3Special Permission Required: Yes 
(if yes, please see Notes)

Frequency Offered: Generally offered every summer (available fall and spring by request) - confirm course offerings for upcoming semesters by accessing the university Schedule of Classes.

Course Relevance (who should take this course?): Typically for international students.

Key Topics:Background Knowledge:Assessment Structure:
  • Industry experience in computing
  • organizational behavior
Most Recent Syllabus: n/a

Topics/skills as required by specific internship

Sample class notes: n/a

Sample Assignment: n/a

  • Pass/No Pass
Sample Exam: n/a

Sample Lecture Recording: n/a

Course Goals/Objectives:
  • Use knowledge from computer science courses in an industrial or research setting.
  • Improve oral and written communication skills in the context of a computing-related employment experience.

Course Website: n/a

Learning Resources:Pre-reqs, Cross list, Related:Notes:
  • As indicated by specific internship
  • Prerequisites Required: 
  • Minimum Grades in Prereqs:
  • Corequisites: None
  • Prerequisite for: None
  • Anti-requisites: None
  • Cross-Listed: None
  • Substitutes: None
  • Related Courses: None
  • Reservations: Open only to students with internships
Open only to students with internships. International students should consult with the Office of International Education for appropriate paperwork and additional requirements before registration.
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