15-151 Mathematical Foundations for Computer Science


Course Level: Undergraduate

Frequency Offered: Generally offered every Fall - confirm course offerings for upcoming semesters by accessing the university Schedule of Classes.

Course Relevance (who should take this course?): Course for CS freshman designed to teach about fundamental concepts in mathematics.

Key Topics:Background Knowledge:Learning Resources:
  • Proofs
  • Induction
  • Functions and Sets
  • Combinatorics
  • Probability


  • Supplemental Reading
Course Goals/Objectives:Assessment Structure: 
  • Students learn to formalize arguments using mathematical proofs.
  • Ability to reason logically and clearly. Ability to prove using elementary logic.
  • Each of the two high midterm scores: 20%
  • The low midterm score: 10%
  • Homework: 20%
  • Final Exam: 30%
  • Prerequisites Required: None
  • Minimum Grades in Prereqs: n/a
  • Corequisites: None
  • Prerequisite for: 15-251, 15-150
  • Anti-requisites: None
  • Cross-Listed: None
  • Substitutes: None
  • Related Courses: None
  • Reservations: Open to CS freshmen only.
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Special Permission Required: No
(if yes, please see Notes)
Units: 10
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Sample class notes:
see course web site
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Sample Lecture Recording:
Typically no recorded lectures
Notes: Students must achieve a C or better in order to use this course to satisfy the pre-requisite for any subsequent Computer Science course.
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