Blum, Reddy Will Present Keynote Lectures at Microsoft Asia Event

Thursday, October 18, 2018 - by Byron Spice

Lenore Blum and Raj Reddy will be keynote speakers at the Computing in the 21st Century Conference next month in Beijing.

Distinguished Career Professor of Computer Science Lenore Blum, and University Professor of Computer Science and Robotics Raj Reddy will be keynote speakers at the Computing in the 21st Century Conference, Nov. 6–7, in Beijing.

The conference, celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, is Microsoft Research Asia's largest annual event.

Blum's address will focus on her work with husband Manuel and son Avrim on developing a computer architecture that could enable conscious artificial intelligence — machines that truly experience feelings, rather than simulate them.

Reddy will review the tools, techniques and advances of AI over the past half-century, separating hype from reality, and will discuss two types of intelligent agents: one that will help people work faster and more efficiently, and another that helps people do tasks previously impossible for humans.

Harry Shum, a Robotics Institute alumnus who is executive vice president of Microsoft's AI and Research Group, and Peter Lee, former head of the Computer Science Department and now corporate vice president of Microsoft Research, also will be keynote speakers.

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