15-394 Intermediate Rapid Prototyping


Course Level: UndergraduateUnits: 5Special Permission Required: No 
(if yes, please see Notes)

Frequency Offered: Generally offered -TBD- confirm course offerings for upcoming semesters by accessing the university Schedule of Classes.

Course Relevance (who should take this course?): Students looking to expand upon the concepts of 15-294 and mechanical design.

Key Topics:Background Knowledge:Assessment Structure:
  • Mechanism design and physics-based simulation
  • Parametric shape generation
  • 3D scanning and mesh manipulation
  • Advanced SolidWorks concepts.
Most Recent Syllabus: http://www.cs.cmu.edu/afs/cs/academic/class/15394u-s17/schedule.html

Basic facility with SolidWorks

Sample class notes: n/a

Sample Assignment: http://www.cs.cmu.edu/afs/cs/academic/class/15394u-s17/assignments/mechanism/

  • 4 assignments
  • Final project
Sample Exam: n/a

Sample Lecture Recording: Typically no recorded lectures

Course Goals/Objectives:
  • Expansion on 15-294
    • Rapid prototyping and additive manufacturing technologies, the maker and open source movements, and societal impacts of these technologies
    • CAD tools, file formats, slicing algorithms
    • Hands-on experience with SolidWorks, laser cutting, and 3D printing, culminating in student projects

Course Website: http://www.cs.cmu.edu/afs/cs/academic/class/15394u-s17/

Learning Resources:Pre-reqs, Cross list, Related:Notes:
  • SolidWorks
  • Grasshopper
  • AutoDesk software (ReMake, MeshMixer, Slicer)
  • Prerequisites Required: 15122 and basic facility with SolidWorks
  • Minimum Grades in Prereqs:
    C in 15122
  • Corequisites: None
  • Prerequisite for: n/a
  • Anti-requisites: None
  • Cross-Listed: None
  • Substitutes: any higher level CS course for 15122
  • Related Courses: 15294 (recommended prereq but not required)
  • Reservations: Some reservations are for Seniors in Computer Science; Some reservations are for Juniors in Computer Science
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